Top tips for travelling with pets

Many of us here in South Africa are gearing up for the holidays! If you are lucky to be able to take your pets with you, there are some great products on the market that will ensure your cats and dogs are a whole lot more comfortable and stress-free whilst on the move! Here are our top tips for travelling with your pets.

Make sure your pets are comfortable & safe
If you’re planning a long car journey or have to fly, get kitted out so that your pets feel comfortable, safe and secure. They will feel far happier if they are not rattling around or squashed in the car. If your pets don’t usually travel, try and get them used to the car by going on short drives before your holiday and consider the WagWorld Car Seat Hammock for dogs or the Voyageur Pet Carrier for cats.

The added benefit of both of these products (aside from comfort and security), is that they will also help keep your car clean.

Be prepared for the journey
If you are travelling by car, make sure you stop regularly and let your pet get out, move around, eat and drink. Keep some of their food in an accessible place so that you can keep to your regular feeding routine. It’s also a great time to stock up on a few dog treats or cat treats to keep them happy.

Feeding and drinking
For feeding and drinking on the go we recommend the Olly & Max Travel Water Carrier that has a detachable cup that can be used for either water or food, or the Olly & Max Collapsible Pet Travel Bowls which consist of two collapsible silicone bowls in a handy bag that can be zipped up and packed aways easily.

Toilet breaks
Also don’t forget to pack dog waste bags for those toilet breaks! This Olly & Max Dog Waste Bag Holder is super small and easy to keep in your car so that you are always prepared.

Take some toys along for the ride
Toys can help keep your pet occupied for hours and, in so doing, help to relieve stress. We particularly like:

  • Gigwi Rubber Rope Toy – for hours of chewing fun and great for maximum exercise in open spaces at your destination.
  • Kong Classic Dog Toy – when space is limited, this will keep a dog happy and preoccupied!
  • Catit Senses Wave Circuit – this is a great toy to pack for your cat. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily and you can also set it up in different formations so it never gets dull!

Happy Cat Stress-free Mouse Toy – this toy contains valerian, a herb well-recognised for its attractiveness to cats and the relaxing effects it has on their nervous system. A great toy to take with you on a long trip.

Gear up with essentials that are easy to pack
You might not have too much space to play with if you are packing for a long holiday so consider investing in some easy-to-pack essentials like feeding bowls and beds.

Olly & Max Collapsible Pet Travel Bowls (in a handy bag)
This WagWorld bed is easy-to-pack flat or even roll-up. It’s also super soft and comfortable for cats and dogs.

Don’t forget your collar and lead – as many places are becoming pet-friendly they still require your pet to be on a leash.
Stock up on pet food (but let us deliver to your holiday address so you don’t need to pack anything bulky). We deliver anywhere in South Africa.

Consider stress-relief remedies
For particularly anxious pets, there is a wide range of calming products available for dogs and cats, like this Happy Hound Stress Free Remedy for dogs. If you haven’t used any stress relieving products before, speak to your vet so that you know what to take and when to take it.

Investigate the airline’s pet regulations
If you are flying, contact your airline way ahead of time to find out what the rules and regulations are (these rules and regulations are always changing so make sure you are up-to-date). Some airlines employ the services of Pet Lounge so that pets are not stressed at a traditional check-in.

If you need a crate or carrier, make sure it is big enough for your pet to stand up and turn around in but not too big that it could topple over. As we’ve said before, it’s a very good idea to get your pet used to the carrier so that the experience is not too overwhelming.

If you are crossing borders, it is recommended that you contact a pet travel agency as they are familiar with the ever-changing requirements of different countries.