When You Need to Take Your Cat to the Vet

If you’ve ever taken a cat anywhere in a car, you’ve probably discovered that it is not their favorite occupation. It can be a really stressful event, and there are times when it should be avoided. There are also times when it can’t be.

1) Behavior Changes: Is your cat missing jumps or having trouble finding his food bowl? Was he playful and is now lethargic? Any noticeable change in the cats behavior is a sign that something is potentially wrong. Our first experience with this was when our cat began to misjudge distances when jumping. It turned out that he was partially blind due to high blood pressure and thyroid problems.

2) Failure to Thrive: A cat that is not eating, or still eats and yet loses weight indicates a trip to the vet is necessary. Many things can cause these conditions and caught early enough, they can be easily treated.

3) Hair Changes: This is more noticeable on long haired cats, though those with short hair will have something similar. If the texture changes, especially if it becomes more coarse and lackluster, something serious may be happening. It could be as simple as changing food, but it’s best to get it checked out.

4) Not Using the Box: While there may be many reasons for this, if your cat was using his box on a regular basis and suddenly stops, it may be due to something internal. Crystals in the urine is a good example. Many times, the cat will go just outside the box.

5) Regular Checkups: As much as your cat hates it, he should see the vet every six months. His teeth, temperature, weight and other things will be checked and vaccines given as needed. If your cat is like ours, you may have to help hold him down for the temperature and blood pressure checks. (By the way, I have seen that done; they use a very small cuff on the cat’s tail. Amazing to watch.)

6) Throwing Up: I think cats make a life study on how to artistically place the contents of their stomach in such a way as to get the most squeal value as possible. However, there are times when you can tell that this is not him paying you back for some alleged misdeed. If it isn’t hair ball or grass related, finding out what the difficulty is becomes very important.

As much as cats hate the vet, it really is important to make sure that they are healthy. That way, you can enjoy a long life together.