When Your Cat Sheds Hair

It is bad when a house cat sheds? Here are different ways to help with all the fur. You can vacuum and this will help a little bit if you have a very good vacuum. You can also get a brush and brush off your couch and carpet. And you can get a lint brush to get the lint off your clothing.

When you cat sheds you can get a brush and brush them out at least once if not twice a day. This helps to get rid of the old hairs and allows the new ones to grow in instead of weighing down the ones that are already dead and causing them to fall out way too soon.

A lot of reasons why cats shed is because of their diet. Soy usually helps them to lose their hair. Cats that stay outside don’t seem to shed as much as cats that are on the inside because they don’t have all the household chemicals in the air causing them to lose their hair.

Cats can also lose their hair if they are stressed out just like humans or other animals do. Cats will also lose their hair if it is summer because if they lose their hair before winter this will give them time to grow a winter coat so they can keep warm.

Different breeds require different ways of being brushed, there are many good products to use depending on the length of hair your cat has. A rubber grooming type brush is something you can buy to kelp with getting all the old hairs off your cat. Especially if they cat is a long haired cat.

Hair loss can also be a problem is the cat has parasites such as fleas. A good way of stopping excessive hair loss is to get rid of the fleas or other parasites the cat may have. Cats that usually have just had a litter of kittens will also go through a time of shedding their hair, but probably not as much as they normally would.

If you really don’t want to go through the trouble of grooming your cat by yourself. Then you can take it to a professional groomer. They will wash, brush and dry you cat. They also offer services such as cutting your cats nails. This is just as important to get done to keep your cat in healthy shape because they can get in grown nails just like any other animal or person can.

It is best to make sure you keep up with your cats health and keep them brushed out at least once a week if possible even if they are not shedding. There are so many people who mistreat their pets and this is something that should not be happening. Please don’t be one of these people. If you can’t take care of a pet please make sure you don’t own one. And to prevent the overpopulation of pets that are homeless please make sure to get your pet spayed or neutered.