When Your Puppy Gets Sick

It’s probably the saddest thing you’ll ever see. A tiny little puppy under the weather. Unlike your spouse or your kids, they can’t tell you where it hurts. But you can tell that things just aren’t right. Immediately get on the phone and make an appointment with your vet. Get baby to the clinic, stat!

Make sure someone gentle comes with you and holds sweetie until you arrive. It’s a little thing but human contact works wonders with the pup. If possible, refrain from crating the critter.

There are a couple of other things you need to be aware of once you’ve gotten your dog to the doc.

•Call the place where you purchased your loving puppy. There’s a good possibility that the store or professional breeder has some type of health guarantees or warranties on the mutt. That means you might not have to pay the entire vet visit bill alone. You could find that the pet shop has a vet on retainer. Probably won’t help you this time, but if the dog has a recurrence it’s an option. Beware though – going back to the store for care and not to a vet’s office could open you and your dog up to some fraudulent activity on the part of an unscrupulous owner. They may feel this is a way for them to wiggle-out of professional veterinarian charges.

•Once you’re at the legitimate vet’s office here are a few things you might encounter. The doctor may suggest that your puppy should stay at the animal hospital to get a dose of fluids and be medically observed. If you took the canine in early in the day, you’ll probably be asked to come back or call around closing time. It all depends on how sick your pet is. More likely, the doctor will give you some meds and send you home, requesting you come back the next day to see how the treatment is going.

•After every one is back home and on-the-mend, follow all directions the doctor prescribed. The baby will need an ample supply of water and food, but most importantly until its back to its goofy, playful self you need to shadow the pup everywhere. If they aren’t taking in food and water, spoon feed them as you would a sick child. Refrain from anything that’s too solid. Ask the vet for some puppy pet stuff that’s the same consistency as pudding. Stay close to the small, sick dog. Like humans they enjoy gentle companionship and sweet talk. For your own personal health be aware there is this bug called giardia that can pass from dogs to humans. It gets transferred to you if your hands are in contact with their waste. They can also toss it your way if they lick their private parts and lay a nice, big smacker on your lips. Keep their area and possessions clean. Wash your hands a lot when you have a sick friend. Any other animals you may care for need to stay away from baby sickie.

•When the dog is back on its paws, follow rigorously their vaccine schedule. Lastly, until everything is 100% make sure when they go, they relieve themselves in the same area. You do not want to spread the sad tidings all around your yard.